Renew grass

Designed with three shades of green primary blades and an all-green thatch, ForeverLawn® Landscape™ Renew™ improves the look of spaces that have light foot traffic and high visibility.

Why Choose Renew?

  • Infill-Free - Similar to Fresh™, Renew requires zero infill. It’s perfect for applications in which you don’t want any infill or would like a shorter product
  • Very Low-Maintenance - No infill means maintenance levels for Renew are even lower than our other products. There’s no need to worry about liquids or smells getting trapped in the infill, and any debris on top of the turf can be easily brushed away.
  • Ultra-Realistic - The three different shades of green used for Renew blades give this product depth and realism unmatched by typical turf products, which feature one shade of green throughout.

Product Specifications

Yarn TypeFace Yarn: Polyethylene monofilament

Secondary: Polypropylene monofilament
Yarn ColorFace Yarn: Pear Green, Juniper Green, Cactus Green

Thatch Yarn: Field Green
Yarn CountPrimary: 10800/9
Secondary: 5000/8
Construction TypeDual yarn, same row
Pile Height1 ⅜"
Tufting Gauge⅜"
Face Weight46 oz.
Total Product Weight101 oz.
BackingThree-layer premium backing made with BioCel polyurethane and 100% recycled geotextile
nonwoven fabric on a dual layer primary.
Antimicrobial ProtectionNo

*Product heights shown may have a variance of 1/8” and product weights shown may have a variance of 5%.