Endura is a single-colored, nylon product that offers the same level of heat resistance as Fusion at an economical price. This thin, tall-bladed artificial grass is the ideal product for low-traffic areas where heat resistance is needed.

Why Choose Endura?

  • Appearance - This is a very attractive product with tall, thin blades giving the appearance of lush, bright green grass that’s been thriving all summer long.
  • Heat Resistance - Endura offers the same level of heat resistance and protection against reflective issues with low-E windows, but at a lower price.

Product Specifications

Yarn TypePrimary: Nylon monofilament

Secondary: Textured nylon monofilament
Yarn ColorVerde Green
Yarn Count5,040/12
Tufting ConstructionDual yarn, same row
Blade Height1 5/8"
Tufting Guage3/8"
Face Weight56 ounces*
Total Product Weight116 ounces*
Backing3-layer backing with geotex laminate
Seaming:Micromechanical bonding
InfillSand optional

*Product heights shown may have a variance of 1/8" and product weights shown may have a variance of 2%.